5 of the best electric bikes

Want to get back into cycling but can't bare the thought of the effort? Go electric with these options for every type of rider
The Spencer

eZee Electric Bike Kit

eZee Electric Bike Kit


Turn your bike into a fully functioning electric powerhouse. They say it takes a novice just two hours to add and comes with varying front or rear wheels depending on where you want the power. Install the throttle to assist your cycling efforts or let the battery carry you on its own. It just begs the question, why are there still bikes without this attachment? Oh yeah, the price.

E motion Sports Carbon Ultralight

E motion Sports Carbon Ultralight


This is the Ferrari of electric bikes, as the price reflects. It’s one of the lightest in the world at a mere 14.3kg. This is achieved by using a carbon frame, Schimano Dura-ace components and tyres that are all super light. The battery weighs very little at 12Ah which means a healthy 50-mile capacity. Ride as fast as a pro but with the effort of a slob. Perfect.

HaiBike eQ Xduro FS


Mountain biking downhill at break-neck speeds just isn’t enough adrenaline for some. Add battery-assisted power and the watery-eyed speeds it can attain are enough to test its full suspension and any thrill seeker’s mettle. The Bosch engine charges in just two and a half hours to give death-seekers 25-55 miles of pedal-assisted power – now both up and down the mountain are just as fun. Well worth the cost then.

The Spencer

The Spencer


Is the thought of commuting to work by bike worse than work itself? The Spencer can help. It's a daunting price, but with 50 miles torque-sensitive pedal-assisted power, high-quality Shimano gears and brakes, and a maintenance-free Panasonic engine – you’ll be wondering why you ever wasted money on petrol. Three levels of support means up-hill rides feel like downhill, and long straights won’t even have you breaking a sweat.

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