5 of the best Easter Weekend apps

With these damage-control apps, you can have a blow-out four days off and go back to work like nothing ever happened

With these damage-control apps up your sleeve, you can have a blow-out four days off and go back to work like the Easter Weekend never happened...

Last Night Never Happened 59p, iOS

It’s Easter Monday and you’re eating hot cross buns at your parents’ house. What’s that? Your gran saw some photos on Facebook this morning in an album entitled ‘Bank Holiday Mayhem: Getting Nasty’. Should have downloaded the Last Night Never Happened app. It rewinds the clock to ‘clean up’ your social media output from the night before including photos and comments on Facebook and tweets or messages on Twitter. You can even replace everything with an alternative message – ‘Have food poisoning from BBQ – will feel delicate tomorrow’ perhaps?

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Sun Alert Lite free (59p for full version), iOS

For a bank holiday afternoon snooze in the sun without the burn lines that follow, set an alarm for your next sun cream top up with the Sun Alert app for iOS. The app uses your skin type and location to calculate the SPF you should be using and how long you should be out in the sun. Now, who’s free to do our backs?

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Hundred Pushups 73p, Android

Don’t bother hiding the eggs, you’re wasting time. There’s only one essential Easter challenge and it’s how many chocolate eggs you can eat in one day.  Lower than five and forget about calling yourself a man. If this doesn’t fit with your new iron-pumping image then set another goal in sight to make sure the gluttony stops on Tuesday. A hundred push-ups is a start. This app is a simple but effective reminder of your progress - or lack of. 

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Awareness £1.19, iOS

With 96 whole hours away from work, you might start walking around thinking you’re invincible. Well maybe that big, red bus has other ideas. This little piece of app genius lets you get lost in the latest TV on the Radio album whilst still functioning in the real world – noise cancelling headphones on and everything. Just set comfortable mic and threshold levels for outside noise and whenever a sound exceeds it you’ll hear it. 

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Car Finder AR £1.96, Android

When you’re downloading some cool AR (augmented reality) games to keep you entertained over the break, spare a thought for the useful AR app. Car Finder AR wants to help you find your parked car, simple as. So you’ll thank us when you surface from the shopping centre after four hours and can’t remember which of the 500 coloured and numbered parking zones your spot was in. The green and black Radar view gives it a cool, military command feel and there’s also a parking timer.

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