5 of the best alarm clocks

Who needs an excuse to pick up one of these brilliant alarms?

We know, we know… the clocks are on your side when they change this weekend. But don’t let that stop you using it an excuse to pick up one of these brilliant alarms.

JBL On Time Micro


Heavy sleeper? Up to seven separate alarms should do the trick, and you can rise to tunes from your fully recharged iPod or iPhone via one of the world’s biggest speaker manufacturers. There’s also a 3.5mm jack socket for iPhobes.

aXbo Sleep Phase alarm clock


The aXbo reckons it knows when you’re ready to wake up. Measuring your biorhythm, it wakes you up to half an hour before your programmed time, rousing you with a gentle noise based on birdsong. And it’ll wake one other person in your bed (though not more). Bad news, the sleeping beauties have to wear wristbands to make it work.

Gear4 AlarmDock Halo


If only alarm clocks were as easy to set as the alarm on your phone. Like a fairy godmother who takes cash, Gear4 can sort that out for you. Plug in your iDevice and the controls appear on its screen. It also means you won’t forget to charge your phone overnight.

B&O BeoTime

£80, Bang & Olufsen

Waking up next to a flute means one of two things. Either you got lucky with someone in the band last night, or you’ve got a bit more class and invested in a stylish bit of Danish wake-up kit. Make it the latter – flautists aren’t bragging material.

Philips AJL308


Digital photoframes? Bo-ring. And yet an alarm clock is the right place for such frivolous tech. You could, for example, load it up with pictures of fried breakfasts, pancake stacks and steaming coffee pots – all the things you won’t have time for once you’ve hit the snooze button a few times.

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