25 best director’s cut movies

Sometimes the final cut isn’t the final cut. These movies were altered (for the better) by directors after their cinematic release

Often a film's director and the studio go head-to-head over what the final cut should look like - and it’s usually the studio that has the last laugh. But the more bullish director can often turn that to his (or her) advantage by releasing a studio-face-reddening redux that paints those money-hungry suits in a less-than-flickering light. These films – in no particular order – are the 25 best director’s cut movies ever.

Note: All title dates refer to the movie’s original cinematic release, even where the title of the director’s cut differs from the original film

JFK (1991)

JFK (1991)

Oliver Stone decided his three-hour treatment of John F Kennedy’s assassination wasn’t long enough, and went back to the cutting room to pick a few extra scenes off the floor. The resulting edit may have added plenty of depth to the story, but did little to quell criticism of historical inaccuracy. Who cares? It was so good, the cinematic release was widely unavailable on home video in favour of the director’s cut.