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£100 Apple Watch 6 price drop kickstarts Amazon’s Cyber Monday sale

Paint the town red with this deal

A red Apple Watch against a black background

Black Friday may be morphing into Cyber Monday before our eyes, but the great deals remain the same – like this stupendous discount of up to £100 on the Apple Watch Series 6!

In one of the more unsung Amazon UK Black Friday deals still live, you can get the Apple Watch 6 in its special Product Red edition for just £309 – a very healthy £100 price drop.

Product Red is a charitable brand partnership between the One Campaign (co-founded by Bono) and major global brands like Apple, helping to raise money for a number of important causes including the fight against AIDS in Africa and, most recently, Covid-19.

It’s known for – surprise, surprise – its bold red colour palette, which in this case gets splashed all over the stylish Apple Watch 6’s Sports Band for a fresh and funky smartwatch look that definitely makes a statement.

Alternatively, you can save £60 on the Apple Watch Series 6 in Deep Navy for a more timeless and arguably refined wearable aesthetic.

Or, if you want the absolute latest Apple Watch on your wrist, then there’s a cheeky £20 discount on the Apple Watch Series 7 right now – it’s only a 5% price cut, but we’d still rather have it than not!

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