PlayStation VR might arrive in the autumn - thanks, GameStop CEO

A slip of the tongue during a Fox news interview hints at a Fall release date

Oculus drops in March, and Vive arrives in April - but what about PlayStation VR? Sony's virtual reality headset has been a mystery, but a slip of the tongue on morning news might have just given the game away. How does Autumn sound?

Speaking on Fox News about his company's financial projections (hardly riveting stuff), GameStop CEO Paul Raines briefly mentioned VR, saying “We’re in discussions with Oculus, with HTC Vive and with Sony.”

It's no surprise that the biggest games store chain in the US would want to get Oculus and Vive in shops, even if demand is expected to be so high that both will likely be out of stock for months after launch, but the big news was the mention of Sony.

“We will launch the Sony product this fall, and we are in discussions with the other two players.” If anyone would have a good idea when Sony was planning a launch, it would be one of the biggest game retailers in the world.

In case you'd forgotten, Sony hasn't yet committed to a release date for PlayStation VR, only vaguely hinting at a "first half of 2016" window. It certainly implies there's been a delay in getting PlayStation VR to gamers.

This is the first mention we've heard of an Autumn launch, and if true, it would give Oculus and Vive a near six-month head start.

Naturally though, without an official word from Sony, this is all just a rumour for now. The Game Developers Conference is set to kick off in the middle of March, but the smart money is on Sony making an announcement at E3 in June.

Even if the Autumn launch is correct, we're no closer to finding out how much PlayStation VR will cost.