Google reportedly working on A.I. boosted messaging service

New service will feature chatbot assistant to help you get things done

Google is a major player in most Internet categories, but when it comes to messaging, its Messenger and Hangout services aren't nearly as popular as top rivals. But the company has something new - and smarter - in the works.

That's according to the Wall Street Journal, which reports that Google is working on a mobile messaging app that will use artificial intelligence to do more than the average rival. The report says that you'll be able to ask the A.I.-powered chatbot to scour the Internet to answer queries, making it more useful than a common chat app.

Upon first blush, that sounds a fair bit like what Facebook is doing with its M virtual assistant within Messenger. Still apparently in testing, Facebook's M uses artificial intelligence to answer queries and even make purchases on your behalf - but it also is supported by humans who work alongside the A.I. to ensure accuracy.

There's no word on whether Google's app will have a similar hybrid approach, but the report says it'll also let you text friends from within the app, making it seem like an all-in-one solution for messaging needs. Google will also reportedly let third-parties develop their own chatbots to integrate within the service, allowing more options for users.

Google has reportedly been working on this advanced messaging option - which could well replace Messenger outright - for at least a year now, although there's no known timeframe for a release. With a smarter service, can Google pull away users who are deeply entrenched in Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp? It's a tall task, but if any company has the resources to give it a good shot, it's Google.

[Source: The Wall Street Journal]