Fossil and Intel's first Android Wear watch sure looks like the Moto 360

Complete with the "flat tire" look with the blacked-out portion of a rounded screen

It's been a quiet few months on the Android Wear front, but it sounds like a new Moto 360 is on the horizon, and a fresh competitor has just emerged: Intel and watchmaker Fossil, who are working together on a smartwatch and other connected devices.

Intel just showed off its first devices today during its Developer Forum keynote, including the Android Wear watch. And here's a surprising note: it looks very similar to the Moto 360 at a glance, with the same rounded screen - and more pressingly, the "flat tire" effect on the screen.

That's right: Fossil and Intel's smartwatch doesn't use the full screen real estate, instead blacking out a portion of the screen at the very bottom. Motorola did the same thing for the Moto 360, claiming it allowed them to keep the watch body slimmer by storing components behind the black portion, but LG and Samsung have since shown fully circular watches that aren't overbearing in size.

While the partially circular display invites immediate comparisons to the Moto 360, the build of the watch is closer to the LG Watch Urbane in styling, with big metal lugs and a leather strap attached. And in this case, it really does have a bit less bulk to the metal frame, so maybe there is some small advantage to killing part of the screen. All told, it actually looks pretty similar to the upcoming second-gen Moto 360, which Motorola teased out an image of on Twitter last week.

Intel and Fossil plan to release the smartwatch by the holiday shopping season this year, along with its connected band and a simpler connected watch. No word yet on naming or pricing, but we'll surely see and hear much more in the coming months.

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