Runvi is a personal digital running coach that fits inside an insole

You’ve got something in your shoe
19 June 2018 / 17:30BST

We’ve all seen exercise trackers and smart watches that help with pacing. But how about a smart insole? Runvi (€119) is a wareable that slots into an insole you fit inside your shoe, the reasoning being that it’s closer to where the action is. This means along with recording your pace and fitness sessions, Runvi can give you live feedback on advanced running metrics, such as cadence, foot-strike pattern, and symmetry. And although Runvi coaching is designed to make you run faster and further, it’ll also attempt to keep you safe from harm, telling you to slow down when close to fatigue or injury. A good bet, then, for hitting the ground running, rather than hitting the ground because you’ve gone too far and collapsed in a painful heap.