The PyGo wearable wants you to live the Pylife and always be connected to friends and family

Gonna get yourself connected
03 December 2018 / 16:32GMT

It’s easier than ever to be connected to friends and family, but there are times when you stray from cellular and internet signals. Also, kids, dogs and your car keys aren’t exactly armed with their own smartphones. The solution is PyGo (from £41). This tiny wearable can attach to clothing, collars, and bike clips, and via the magic of mesh networking keeps you connected. You can create private networks that track up to a 12km distance. PyGo can also make use of public networks, so you can seek help from other PyGo users, or anonymously bounce your signal through their devices and other networks to reach your intended source. There’s fall detection and GPS tracking, too, to help if your gran has a fall or the dog does a runner.