The nostalgia-inducing Baby-G: Pikachu Collaboration Model is shockingly good

I chu chu choose you
14 October 2019 / 15:31BST

Casio and The Pokemon Company have joined forces to create a special edition of the iconic Baby-G watch inspired by everybody's favourite lightning-infused rodent. The Baby-G: Pikachu Collaboration Model celebrates the brand's 25th anniversary, and is emblazoned with retro-infused details including a yellow polygon-style Pikachu that appears when the EL backlight is flicked on, and a matte black watch strap that's been decorated with neon lightning bolts and Poké Balls. The throwback timepiece even comes packaged in a big ol' Poke Ball, which will no doubt leave your inner nine-year-old giddier than a Pikachu in a power plant.