Nike will launch its first self-lacing basketball sneakers in 2019

Like a glove... err shoe
21 December 2018 / 17:33GMT

Nike plans to launch its first self-lacing basketball sneakers next year, meaning you can dominate the court while channeling your inner Marty McFly. The company broke the heavy news during its quarterly earnings call, revealing it plans to incorporate its adaptive lacing tech into a new basketball trainer that'll retail for around $350. Nike has been refining its 'HyperAdapt' self-lacing platform for a few years now, but the general idea is that shoes featuring the technology will be able to adjust to an individual's foot size and shape by using sensors to self-tighten. In theory, it should eliminate undue pressure caused by tight tying and slippage resulting from loose loose laces. It's all about creating the perfect, personalised fit. There's no word on when next year the trainers will launch, or what they'll look like (the image above is a concept Nike shared a few years back), so keep those peepers peeled.