Fossil debuts new hybrid smartwatch range with customisable E Ink display and long-lasting battery

Old meets new
06 November 2019 / 13:44GMT

American watch maker Fossil has unveiled a new range of hybrid smartwatches featuring the company's "most advanced technology ever," and rather coincidentally, it's arriving just in time for Christmas. The new range includes the Hybrid Smartwatch HR Charter (£189) and Hybrid Smartwatch HR Collider (£189) (pictured left to right above), both of which combine the classic styling of a traditional watch with bread-and-butter smartwatch features, like a customisable always-on E Ink display that can be used to view incoming texts, calls, and weather updates; wellness tracking features such as a heart rate monitor, workout tracker, and calorie and step counters; and a long-lasting battery that'll last for more than two weeks on a single charge - even with all features activated. There's no word on how much either watch will cost when they finally arrive during the holiday season, but here's hoping they won't break Santa's bank.