The Fitbit Versa 2 comes with added Alexa

And it wants to help you get better sleep
28 August 2019 / 14:00BST

She’s in your soundbar, your sat nav, your headphones and your alarm clock. She might even be in your toilet. And with the Fitbit Versa 2, she’s in your smartwatch as well. Fitbit’s latest smartwatch can summon Amazon’s voice assistant with a tap of its single button, allowing you to check the weather, set timers and remind yourself that you’re supposed to be going for a jog, handsfree. And if you’re an Android user you’ll be able to send voice replies to messages too. The Versa 2 sports a more premium design than its predecessor, with its larger AMOLED display made of liquid-like glass and optional custom-woven bands. There’s an always-on mode now, which still purportedly gives your several days of battery life, while a new processor should make app-hopping a breeze. Then there’s Sleep Score, a new feature that rates your sleep on a nightly basis and tells you how to kip better. Add to that a proper Spotify app and you’ve got a much improved wearable. Both the Versa 2 (£200) and Versa 2 Special Edition (£220) will go on sale from mid-September.