The Ultion Smart is a connected door lock in disguise

Stealthy smartphone entry and voice controls aplenty
27 October 2019 / 11:58GMT

Either Brisant-Secure misread the brief when designing its Ultion Smart connected door lock or it’s trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the criminal fraternity, because it looks entirely normal and uses a key. Delve a bit deeper, however, and you’ll discover the standard Ultion lock – minus its new connected smarts – has been on sale for five years, passing every locksmith test and standard imaginable and even getting a thumbs up from the plod. So with the nuts and bolts nailed Brisant has gone digital, partnering with Danish tech brand Danalock to add automatic smartphone entry, time-limited electronic access for visitors, and AES256 military grade digital encryption, including a crypto-processing chip so your data doesn’t get out. There are three Ultion Smart locks to choose from: a Bluetooth model supporting Alexa with IFTTT, a Zigbee/Z-Wave model that also supports Bluetooth and Alexa, and a dedicated Apple HomeKit version for iOS users that also works with Siri and the Apple Watch. Plus don’t forget you can revert to a key if your phone has run out of juice. Brisant has also put its money where its mouth is, offering a £1000 security guarantee against the most common form of break-in: someone snapping the lock. Pick one up from £229 here.

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