Sky's Now TV Smart Stick just made streaming "pocket money" cheap

Roku-developed dongle is overloaded with Sky shows and live TV
22 February 2018 / 15:06GMT

Fifteen quid will barely buy you three pints of lager any more, but if it's a good time you're after, that money would be better spent on Sky's new Now TV Smart Stick. The Diminutive dongle lets you access all of Sky's Now TV bundles, split across Entertainment, Movies, Sport and Kids packages, as well as stream live TV without an aerial. You'll be able to pause the action when it's time to pop the kettle on, too. Catch up covers all the major channels, including BBC iPlayer, All4 and ITV Hub, plus streaming services like YouTube and Vevo. Built by streaming experts Roku, the Smart Stick comes bundled with a voice search remote control, letting you bark movie titles, actors' names or genres at it to have your selection instantly revealed onscreen. Not bad for the kind of cash you might find down the back of the sofa. The Smart Stick goes on sale tomorrow for £14.99, or £19.99 with a two-month Now TV Entertainment pass included in the box.


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