Philips' OLED 973 is your ultimate Ambilight telly

This 4K and HDR marvel will illuminate up your living room come the World Cup
25 January 2018 / 9:52GMT

Our favourite telly in the world right now? That would be Philips' awesome OLED 9002. But given the shape of Philips' new OLED 973, that title reign might not last for too long. A 65in 4K and HDR marvel, it takes everything we loved about the 9002 and kicks it up to a whole new level with the addition of a built-in 6.1 soundbar. First unveiled at IFA 2017 and now refined to arrive in stores in time for this summer's World Cup, the OLED 973 packs combines a shapely glass-trimmed design with Philips' excellent P5 picture processing engine, the Android M operating system and, of course, that good old Ambilight magic. It's a truly impressive effect to behold and should be elevated further by the fabric-covered soundbar at the 973's base with six front firing drivers and a backfiring speaker for balance. Right now, the OLED 973 doesn't have a price but we're expecting it to retail for big money in May this year.