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Hisense’s 85U9E could make 8K TV ‘affordable’

Everything's relative

If you want an 85in 8K TV right now you’re looking at a credit card bill of at least £10,000. But with Hisense known for offering high-spec TVs for much less than their bigger-name rivals might demand, there’s a good chance the 85U9E will be one of the cheaper ways to bag yourself an 8K TV. With a distinct lack of any 8K content to watch, the 85-incher comes with upscaling tech to fill in any of the 33,177,600 pixels that don’t get used, while 1694 AI-powered local dimming zones should offer the best possible contrast. Everything’s controlled by the Hi-View Engine, which tweaks practically every aspect of the picture in real time, to keep the motion smooth, colours punchy and quality top-notch. So how much is the 85U9E? That’s the one thing we don’t know yet, but we’re banking on Hisense not suddenly getting all greedy. Stay tuned.