Films get the 4K HDR treatment with the new Fire TV

Amazon's puck-like streaming stick has Alexa smarts too
27 September 2017 / 20:34BST

Amazon just ditched the streaming set-top box for the dongle life. The new Fire TV is no bigger than a hockey puck, but delivers 4K, HDR video to your telly box at 60 frames per second, all to a Dolby Atmos soundtrack. It  comes with the same voice remote as last year's Fire TV Stick, which means you'll be able to tap into Alexa's X-Ray smarts to work out who's actually acting onscreen at any given moment, and use voice commands to get around the interface. Or turn the lights off, close the blinds, and turn on the mood lighting ready for movie night. It'll set you back £70, which pits it directly against Google's Chromecast Ultra. If you're all about Alexa and think Google can go away, you'll be able to pre-order the new Fire TV this week - it'll be shipping on October 25.




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