B&O just added a gargantuan 88in TV to its luxury Beovision Harmony range

Big screen, bigger price
28 May 2020 / 11:58BST

Bang & Olufsen is making a pretty clear statement with its latest luxury television: size matters. Featuring the largest LG OLED screen to ever hit the market, the Beovision Harmony 88in TV (£44,100) is an unashamed technological centrepiece - the sort of ridiculous vanity purchase you'd organise your entire apartment (and mortgage) around. Measuring in at two meters wide, the Harmony comes with a ridiculous 88in 2020 OLED 8K display, a pre-installed three-channel sound system with built-in dual subwoofer, and an ornate two oak and aluminium folding cabinet that houses that mammoth screen when its not in use. Of course, unless you've just won the lottery or joined a fool proof pyramid scheme, it's probably best you stare at it from a distance for now.