This 262in 4K TV is bigger than a Range Rover Sport

And its price tag is appropriately whopping, too
12 June 2017 / 15:43BST

Some people have rooms. Others have halls that masquerade as rooms. For those people, C Seed has created this frankly ludicrous TV. Spanning an area bigger than a Range Rover Sport (at 6m across by 2.7m tall), the 262in 4K display doesn’t dominate a space so much as become it. It relies on LEDs for its massive picture, though deep-black smarts, UHD tech and 800 nits of brightness should serve up contrast to turn heads - as if its presence alone isn’t enough to sear eyeballs at 50ft. Think you can make room between your speakers? The 262 will set you back €490,000 - with a hefty installation fee of €35,000.


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