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This smart home device lives in my fridge to make my food last longer

Vitesy's Shelfy device keeps the air in your fridge clean to help your food stay fresh for longer. I've been using it and it works!

Vitesy Shelfy in fridge

There’s all manner of kitchen gadgets that make your life easier. But none of them solve the problem of making your food last longer. You don’t need me to tell you how quickly food can go bad in your fridge. And it’s not just irksome when you can’t cook up the meal you’ve been drooling about all day. It also creates a huge waste problem, with households chucking away a whopping £470 worth of food annually on average. But Vitesy has a smart home device that can help.

It’s called Shelfy, and it lives in your fridge to keep your food fresh. It does this by keeping the air inside your cold box clean, so it’s free from bacteria. I’ve had this bit of kit sitting in my fridge for a few weeks now, and it works wonders.

Shelfy uses air purification technology to extend your food’s shelf life by up to 12 days, maintaining freshness and flavour. It reduces bacteria by 98% in just 10 minutes, meaning fewer nasty microorganisms and moulds to spoil your food. Plus, it delays the ripening process, keeping your produce looking and tasting better for longer. And let’s not forget, it tackles 80% of unpleasant fridge odours, so no more having your veggies smell like last night’s curry.

While I can’t say just how quickly Shelfy got to work, I can certainly notice that it has. During my two-week test drive, I was particularly impressed by how it handled fresh fruit. Usually, my raspberries and strawberries from the supermarket go bad in a day or two, but with Shelfy, I squeezed out an extra couple of days of freshness. But you don’t just have to take my word and lackof mushy berries. Backed by Italian universities and laboratories, these claims aren’t just marketing fluff. Tests included reducing bad odours, ethylene gas (which speeds up ripening), and a full evaluation of how well Shelfy preserves produce.

With a three-week battery life, charging Shelfy is a breeze thanks to its USB-C plug. It’s eco-friendly too, offering modes like Eco, Crisper, and Performance to suit your needs. I’ve got mine set to Eco, so the battery lasts longer and it keeps things maintained. Want to track your fridge’s wellness? The Vitesy Hub app connects to Shelfy, providing insights into how often the fridge door is opened, temperature monitoring, and even food storage tips.

I seem to find myself checking how often I’ve had the fridge door open and for how long – but then again, I’m a nerd for that sort of thing. The guide to storing your food is super helpful. The app told my how best to arrange my fridge to avoid things going off – super helpful. Integration with Google Home and Alexa means you can control Shelfy as part of your smart home setup.

Shelfy’s photocatalytic technology means no filters to replace, adhering to Vitesy’s zero waste policy. Simply wash the existing filter and pop it back in. This one-off purchase not only helps reduce the UK’s 9.5 million tonnes of annual food waste but also cuts down on your household bills. Vitesy’s commitment to sustainability extends to their green production processes and eco-friendly packaging.

Fancy keeping your food fresh for longer? Shelfy is available in the UK directly from Vitesy at an RRP of £129. Seeing how well it stopped my food going bad, it’s definitely a smart home item you should consider.

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