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Is this the world’s most boring phone?

The Boring Phone goes back to basics and strips out everything smart to help people spend less time on their phone

The Boring Phone

These days, the latest smartphones all like to brag about what they can do. Smart this, smart that. Internet access here, all the latest apps. But this minimalist handset is different. It calls itself “boring” and brags about what it can’t do. Heineken, US marketplace Bodega, and Human Mobile Devices have released The Boring Phone. It scales back on the features and just about everything that makes a smartphone smart, to help you spend less time on your device.

This gadget is the tech equivalent of a minimalist painting – barely there, but still making a statement. It’s not even a smartphone. I’m just going to have to call it a mobile phone. With no internet, social media, or any app-based temptations, The Boring Phone is a clarion call to ditch digital distractions. No, this wasn’t an accident! It’s been deliberately dumbed down to make your social life smarter. Because, let’s face it, we’re all a bit tired of being the person who can’t get through dinner without a digital check-in.

The Boring Phone is a callback to simpler times – think early 2000s. It comes sporting transparent casing and holographic stickers that scream retro chic. As for what it can do, the answer is not much. You’re stuck to text messages and, (cue gasp) actual phone calls. You have been warned!

But why would anyone want such a device? Recent surveys have thrown up some alarming stats: 90% of Gen Zers in the UK and US are glued to their screens even when out with mates, often checking their phones multiple times a night. Nabil Nasser, Global Head of Heineken, chimes in, “We’re trying to help people rediscover the art of face-to-face conversation. Our research shows that while everyone hates to be that person glued to their phone, nobody really wants to go completely Amish. The Boring Phone is our way of helping you find a balance.”

Heineken and Bodega are setting the stage for a tech timeout with the launch of The Boring Phone at Milan Design Week on 18 April. If you fancy trying to snag one of these retro beauties, keep your eyes peeled at the event for a chance to win. For those not lucky enough to grab the physical device, a Boring Phone app will be available from June to bring the less-is-more experience to your current smartphone.

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