Weight-controlled Zenboard almost makes your Marty McFly dreams come true

Where we're going, we don't need remotes
05 December 2018 / 16:13GMT

Back to the Future II came out in 1989, which by our calculations means we’ve been waiting nearly 30 years for somebody to invent a working hoverboard - even longer if you’re a time traveller. Zenboard has taken a step slightly closer with its new weight-controlled electric skateboard (from US$1299). Just shift your balance forward or backwards and you’ll magically start moving, a bit like Marty and co’s hovering version. With 2300 watts of power, the Zenboard can reach a maximum speed of 25mph, while the battery can take you up to 22 miles per charge. And with all the motors and electronics hidden inside the carbon-fibre deck, it’ll look like you’re just riding a normal skateboard. Now all they need to do is work out how to make it float.

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