The Tombot is a hyper-realistic robot pupper that could cure loneliness

Who's a good boy?
20 March 2019 / 12:10GMT

How can robots help us? It's a question we're asking more and more as we plod into the 21st Century, and the folks over at Tombot reckon they have an answer. The company has created a hyper-realistic robotic support dog that's been designed to emulate the appearance and behaviours of a live animal. The android pooch is being targeted at seniors struggling with loneliness, and anyone else who can't afford (or capably look after) a live pet. In theory, it should provide the same social functions as a real-life pupper, providing a personal attachment object that people can love and adore to help owners stay socially and emotionally engaged. Crucially, the Tombot ($449) will also respond based on where and how it's touched, and can even listen to voice commands. In short: it's man's best friend without any of the hassle.

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