Sphero’s new RVR robot can pack a Raspberry Pi punch

The friendly face of coding
22 October 2019 / 14:00BST

With its little rubber wheels and lights on the front that look like eyes, at first glance it would be easy to dismiss Sphero’s new RVR as just a toy. After all, this is the company that created the remote-control BB-8 and Lightning McQueen. But that would be to do the RVR a massive disservice. Sure, you can scoot around on the all-terrain treads straight out of the box, but it really comes alive when you start tinkering. There are loads of sensors onboard, including colour, light, IR, a magnetometer, accelerometer and gyroscope, plus the 4600mAh battery and expansion port mean it can also accommodate third-party computers such as the Raspberry Pi and the BBC’s Micro:bit. RVR can talk to other Sphero robots too. All of which opens up a whole world of extra functionality for anyone with Sphero’s Edu app and the necessary coding chops, and makes the RVR a neat little platform to develop them on. It's being primarily targeted at schools, but you can buy your own right now on Sphero's online store or Amazon. 

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