This new Lego Friends Apartments set will make your day, your week, your month or even your year

Could this set be any more 1990s?
11 May 2021 / 14:00BST

Two years ago, Lego unleashed Central Perk. Now, The Friends Apartments (£134.99, available 1 June) expands the Lego Friends universe. When you’re done with its 2048 pieces, your fingers will no longer be your friends, but your 64cm×31cm masterpiece will depict in brick form Monica and Rachel’s apartment, Chandler and Joey’s apartment, and a slice of hallway in-between. And before you can say – ironically or otherwise – “oh my god”, this time there’s even a little Lego Janice to bother your little Lego Chandler. The rest of the gang is included, all in memorable outfits (Joey wearing all Chandler’s clothes; Ross providing a warning about tight leather trousers). There are loads of accessories too, so you can relive memorable show moments, like Joey and Chandler’s canoe, Phoebe’s flammable dollhouse, terrifying ‘art’ piece Gladys (which would be an odds-on Turner Prize winner in the real world) and studio lights you can remove, so you can pretend these little plastic people are your real friends. (Look: we haven’t been getting out much of late, all right?)

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