Money Monsters are piggy banks for kids growing up in a cashless society

Put your money where its mouth is
22 August 2018 / 18:27BST

Cash is on borrowed time, due to contactless payments from devices (or ‘credit cards’, granddad). This poses a problem when trying to teach kids about the value of money, given that notes and coins are becoming increasingly rare. Money Monsters (£TBA) offer a solution. These grinning plastic critters are tied to a Santander 123 Mini current account, and their eyes light up when new money arrives. Bored waiting for new cash? Kids can rearrange their monster’s various appendages, while a nearby Mr Potato Head nods in sympathy. There’s an app, too, enabling parents to monitor transactions, and overspend on the account is impossible. All of which begs the question: when will adults get their own Money Monsters, to improve their fiscal responsibility?

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