MetaFly is a flying robot bug that can flit, glide, and even crash with style

It’ll give you a buzz
13 March 2019 / 12:32GMT

If you’re fed up with hurling quadcopter-style drones into the air, MetaFly (€69) might be just the thing to bring back your passion for terrorising local airspace with a tiny gadget. Swapping rotors for wings, MetaFly looks like a freaky mash-up of robot bird and insect, and is heavily inspired by real-life equivalents. This means it can manoeuvre within claustrophobic indoor spaces, or soar and glide outdoors. MetaFly’s range is an impressive 100m, and although you only get eight minutes of flight time, it only takes 12 minutes to charge the thing for another go. And should your ten thumbs cause your winged wonder to smack into a tree – or a miffed office colleague – the elasticated components of its absurdly lightweight frame (just 10g) will ensure no damage is done.

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