The menacing Sphero BB-9E wants to take your wallet to the dark side

Just when you thought everything was in First Order...
31 August 2017 / 16:09BST

Our hearts may have been taken by Sphero's mini R2-D2, but here to disturb the force (or at least our hopes of a healthy bank balance) is the dark side's BB-9E. An evil version of 2015's BB-8 droid, he can be rolled around using the companion app or sent to Patrol your 'Star Destroyer' (A.K.A your shed). Built-in sensors react to your presence, while a durable shell mean he's not one to accidentally toe punt. With the same £150 price as the BB-8, it's down to you whether you join the Resistance or embrace your inner stormtrooper with the First Order when he goes on sale tonight from Sphero's store.        

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