Lego’s Mars Exploration collection wants to rocket you to the Red Planet

Out of this world
15 July 2019 / 14:41BST

Benny from The Lego Movie sums up the space obsession shared by many fans of the plastic brick. And with Mars Expedition (£9.99–£119.99), Lego wants to unleash your inner space adventurer. The range was designed with input from NASA, and thereby reflects technical details of kit the space agency may one day soon use to send humans to the Red Planet. To play out such events yourself, the deeper of pocket can delve into Rocket Assembly & Transport, complete with crane, rover lab, and multi-stage rocket, and Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control, boasting its very own monorail. Elsewhere, there are rovers and shuttles aplenty for blasting around the house going WHOOOOOSSSHHH! while family members look on disapprovingly. Pfft. They’ll be sorry when you’re on Mars, farming potatoes and discovering terrifying octopus-like beings piloting tripods. Ullaaaaaa!

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