Lego has begun distribution of sustainable bricks made from plant-based plastic

Coming to a Lego box near you
17 August 2018 / 16:30BST

Lego has been relatively secretive about the launch of its plant-based sustainable range, which is comprised of mini-models themed around botanical elements such as bushes, trees and leaves. They’re made of polyethylene, which is sourced from sugar-cane. That might upset rum lovers, but we’re pretty sure there’s enough to go round. It was way back in March that Lego announced the bricks would be on the market in 2018, and Business Insider Nordic reckons they’ve been bundled with Lego Store online purchases of over £40 for the last few weeks. The range is part of Lego’s plan to use sustainable materials in core products and packaging by 2030, and comes with the announcement that it has partnered with WWF. The catch? They’re not biodegradable - but we all know throwing Lego away is a no-no anyway.

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