Kitchen Aid’s ‘Iconic’ fridge matches its iconic mixer

That which we call an ‘Icon’, by any other name, would still be just a fridge
24 April 2017 / 11:41BST

Some chefs have a spiritual outlook, attributing almost religious significance to their equipment. They must use a particular oven, or a certain mixer, or the recipe will fail. Some might say that’s ridiculous, and that the superstition is simply science, mixed with experience – knowing the hot spots of your oven, or the speed at which your mixer can stretch gluten molecules. A fridge, however, is a fridge and even the most cosmic crystal-adorned cook would cackle at the use of the word ‘Iconic’ in its title. Available in red, cream and black for £1300, the 221-litre Kitchen Aid ‘Nice’ Fridge launches on 1st May.

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