Kano Pixel Kit’s grid of lights will unleash your inner coder

DIY light fantastic
11 July 2017 / 12:57BST

Pining for the days of hackable hardware, but lacking any sort of programming ability? Grab a Kano Pixel Kit (£75). Snap this dinky disco thing together and, after briefly blinding you with its eye-searing grid of LEDs, the tiny unit will have you hacking together dazzling interactive light shows. Using drag-and-drop components in the Mac/PC/Kano app, it sneakily teaches unsuspecting fiddlers the fundamentals of programming, letting them fashion anything from a chunky weather app to a glowing animated Mario. And, when sensors show up later this year, you’ll be able to take things further, such as using the tripwire sensor to have the Pixel Kit sear a thief’s retinas should they try to steal it.

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