Adventures with Luigi Starter Course brings two-player action to Lego Super Mario

22 June 2021 / 12:28BST

When Lego Super Mario arrived last summer, Luigi was conspicuously absent. Don’t worry – Bowser hadn’t (plastic) bricked him up. Instead, the ‘other brother’ was biding his time, ready for Adventures with Luigi Starter Course (£49.99, available 1 August). Much like the Mario starter course, this one’s all you need to get started with Nintendo and Lego’s oddball mash-up of brick-building and videogaming. You get sort-of computer Luigi (with animated eyes, mouth and chest panel), a start pipe, and various bits and bobs to construct your own real-world levels. Pink Yoshi is there for moral support and interaction, and a brick-built Boom Boom and Bone Goomba lurk, ready to have their heads stomped on in an unsporting manner. The new course arrives alongside a slew of expansion sets, including the very impressive Bowser’s Airship (£89.99). The most interesting bit, though: the system now allows two-player action, whether you want Mario and Luigi to team up to tackle brick-built challenges and duff up evil anthropomorphic turtles, or compete against each other in a race to bling and perennially captured princesses.

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