YUDO KAMI-OTO brings a Labo-like cardboard synth to iPad

Craft work
02 February 2018 / 11:45GMT

There’s no shortage of shiny, expensive accessories for iPad, but right now ‘card’ and ‘affordable’ are in. And if, having spotted Nintendo Labo, you’ve been trying to will your iPad to turn into a Switch, check out YUDO KAMI-OTO (from ¥3000 – about £19) instead. Echoing Nintendo’s DIY ethos, this kit comprises an electronic board and some cardboard. 30 minutes of deft folding turns the latter into the synth’s case. The electronic bit has amusingly old-school built-in noises and a tiny speaker, but can also connect to an iPad via USB or Bluetooth, giving you a unique, customisable iPad piano keyboard (in the sense you can scribble over it in pen). Probably avoid using it at your next outdoor gig, though, if there’s a chance of rain.

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