Wacom Intuos Pro Small is a dinky high-end pen tablet for creative types

Small but perfectly formed
10 May 2019 / 16:15BST

Whether you’ve a creative bent or just like zipping about apps at speed, you might have once pined for a Wacom Inutos Pro – only to decide against giving up a sizeable slice of your desk. Now it’s time to unleash your happy dance, because the Intuos Pro Small (£199) is here. At 450g and with dimensions of just 269x170mm, this tablet’s dinkier than its siblings – but it doesn’t lack power. You get touch and stylus smarts, with tilt sensitivity and over 8,000 pen pressure levels. Six buttons can be customised to trigger shortcuts – as can one on the pen. There’s a case for mobile types, and a pen stand for when you’ve finished scribbling and need a moment to admire your art. Or having used your Wacom to finally clean up your desktop. Either’s good.

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