Traveler is a distraction-free E-ink laptop for writers that runs for weeks on a single charge

The write stuff
19 October 2018 / 16:01BST

There you are, trying to bash out a bestseller during NaNoWriMo (or any other month), only to realise at the end of each day you’ve written precisely eleven words – yet chalked up several hours on Facebook, YouTube, and Fortnite. Such distractions are gone for good with Traveler ($329), largely because there’s nothing to be distracted by. That’s because this tiny notebook is geared entirely towards the process of writing. The E-ink display shows your words and the day’s targets, as you tap away at the full-size keyboard. Documents are automatically saved and can be exported to Word or Final Draft, and the battery will last for a full four weeks. Just don’t focus so much you forget to eat and sleep.

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