The Raspberry Pi 400 is a hackable desktop computer squeezed into a keyboard

Keys are good
02 November 2020 / 9:34GMT

Remember those halcyon days when you’d sit in front of the telly, hammering away on a keyboard that was also a computer? Or are you not an old fart but fancy immediately partaking in some Raspberry Pi goodness? In either case, you’ll want a Raspberry Pi 400 (kit with mouse/manual/PSU: £94; computer only: £67). Based on the Raspberry Pi 4, the 400 nets you a 64-bit CPU clocked at 1.8GHz, 4GB of RAM, Wi-Fi and 4K video playback within its tiny form factor. Around back, there are loads of ports, including a 40-pin GPIO for electronics projects. And because the Pi lets you hot-swap the OS on SD cards, transforming this beauty into a classic piece of hardware requires only a card with Retropie and a reboot. Ideal, then, for kids learning to code, adults wanting a cheap desktop and anyone who’d like to delve into classic computing for a price that makes the decision as easy as Pi(e).

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