The Raspberry Pi 4 is an affordable mini PC that's 4K-ready

Pie in the sky
24 June 2019 / 11:02BST

Do-if-yourself computer maker Raspberry Pi has introduced what it claims is the smallest and most "outrageously affordable" mini PC on Planet Earth (hey, we can't vouch for Mars). The brand new Raspberry Pi 4 is a 4K-capable machine that can apparently match the basic capabilities of a full-fledged home PC. That means super-fast file sharing, multi-tab web browsing, and video and photo editing. The credit card sized computer is four times more powerful than its predecessor and costs just £33. It's available in 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB variants, and can even be purchased as part of a rather slick bundle that includes a mouse, keyboard, SD card, power supply, cables, and case. How's that for a slice of Pi?

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