NexDock 2 is a laptop shell that turns your phone or Pi into the spit of a MacBook Air

Dock it to ’em
29 March 2019 / 15:37GMT

Chances are the computer you use most is your phone. NexDock 2 ($199) wants to help you transform it into a fully functional laptop. Plug in a blower with Samsung DeX or Huawei EMUI (or beam in an Android Q device from the near future), and your laptop shell sparks into life. Suddenly, Android goodies are available on a 13.3in HD display, you can type like a champ on an edge-to-edge keyboard, and you can plug things into the USB-C, USB-A, headphone, and SD ports. It’ll even charge your phone. But NexDock 2 goes further, being a modular, adaptable solution for a much wider range of computing needs. Via HDMI, you can plug in a Pi, a mini-PC, or an integrated PC stick, and swap between processors and operating systems – all without a pile of full-size PCs cluttering up the place.

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