Dell’s new XPS 15 laptop has the power to entice gamers

Looks can be deceiving
04 April 2018 / 12:30BST

On the surface, it’s near impossible to tell the 2018 refresh of Dell’s XPS 15 from its 2017 predecessor. It’s still a sleek machine with just-about-there bezels surrounding the 15.6in InfinityEdge touch display. Look under the hood, though, and you’ll find a beast of Incredible Hulk-like proportions, both in the graphics and CPU departments. Opt for the $999 entry-level model and you’ll be getting a Core i5-8300H processor and integrated graphics, but these can be upgraded all the way up to an H-series Core i9 and GTX 1050 Ti graphics. With an optional 4K screen and promised 21 hours of battery life, it could be a formidable on-the-go gaming machine, and it goes without saying that it’ll eat your day-to-day computing tasks for breakfast. The new XPS 15 will be available from May.

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