ChromeOS gets chromed with Acer's aluminium Chromebook 15

Even umlauts out the wazoo couldn't make this any more metal
01 September 2017 / 13:00BST

You might think Chromebook are supposed to be cheap and nasty, but only the former half is true - Google’s simple laptop OS can be sleek as well as easy on the wallet, as Acer’s Chromebook 15 proves. This 2017 edition is made from aluminium, and weighs less than a kilo, so you won’t need a sherpa to schlep it around. A fanless design keeps things quiet as well as cool, even with a quad-core Intel Pentium and 8GB of RAM keeping ChromeOS ticking over. There’s enough battery for twelve hours of writing, playing or binge-watching your favourite Netflix shows, and the Google Play Store means you won’t need to miss out on your favourite apps. Throw in USB-C ports and a backlit keyboard, and you’ve got one seriously slick Chromebook. It’ll be on sale later in the year, although UK prices are still TBC.

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