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Smeg’s Galileo cooking range will make a domestic deity out of you

Hello from the oven side

Hello from the oven side

Anyone who’s flapped around their kitchen preparing a dinner party knows that cooking isn’t for the fainthearted. It’s a science after all — a careful balance of timings, temperatures and taste. With so many potential kitchen nightmares to steer clear of, what if your oven was there to help rather than hinder? 

Enter, the Smeg Galileo range which can steam, microwave, air fry and sous vide your food, as well as the usual oven uses. This allows for complete and even cooking for your culinary masterpieces, a one size fits all approach which is going to take the stress out of supper.

There are also several special functions such as softening or melting and even a setting to make popcorn. 

The omnichef (£3499), which is the most expensive option in the range comes with Smeg’s VivoscreenMax where you can programme specific dishes and there are over 150 pre-set recipes. This level of control is especially handy for meat. Simply enter the type of meat and weight, and the oven will work out the best temperature and cook time.

To complete the new generation of ovens, there are new accessories too, such as a re-designed enamel tray, refractory pizza stone, BBQ pan and Airfry pan so you needn’t put up with the old crusty ones. 

Smeg’s Galileo cooking technology will be rolled out across the Dolce Stil Novo, Linea and Classic ranges, starting at £499 for the Classic Speedwave Oven and going through to £3499 for the Dolce Stil Novo Omnichef. 

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