Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 nixes the notch

UPDATE: Xiaomi's slide-y flagship phone will be available to buy on 16 January
11 January 2019 / 15:43GMT

Slider phones were huge in the pre-smartphone days of yore, and sorely missed today. Not for their tiny screens or fussy keypads, you understand, but for the singularly satisfying action of flicking the handset between its two states. Chinese giant Xiaomi is doing its bit for fidgety phone fiddlers with the Mi Mix 3, a new flagship with a 6.4in OLED screen that takes up 93.4% of its front face. Xiaomi has dodged the controversy of sullying its beautiful display with a notch by instead placing the dual front-facing cameras in a manually-operated slide-up module. You get 12MP telephoto and wide angle cameras on the back, a Snapdragon 845 CPU and 10W wireless charging, but the other truly notable innovation here is an option to buy it with up to 10GB of RAM – a world first, we believe. It'll be available for £449 on 16 January.