Xiaomi Mi 5X doubles up on cameras, doubles down on iPhone-inspired styling

Cut-price caller has more than a whiff of OnePlus about it
26 July 2017 / 13:40BST

In case you hadn't noticed, this year's smarthphone 'thing' is taking the dual cameras and timeless styling of Apple's iPhone 7 Plus, and cramming 'em into progressively cheaper Android alternatives. OnePlus did it, and now it's Xiaomi's turn. The Mi 5x is as mid-range as they come, with a Snapdragon 625 CPU, two 12MP rear cameras for getting your 2x optical zoom on, fingerprint scanner and a 5.5in Full HD screen up front. Chuck in 64GB of storage, Android 7 Nougat and Xiaomi's brand new MIUI 9 interface, and you've got a pretty good-looking slice of smartphone. Will it ever actually make its way out of China, though? And if it does, expect to pay more than the 1499 Yuan (US$200) you'd pay for it there.