Upgraded, re-coloured KeyOne goes back to Black(Berry)

Woah, BlackBerry (bam-ba-lam) with more memory (bam-ba-lam)
31 August 2017 / 16:30BST

The reimagined BlackBerry's first Android phone with a physical keyboard was something special, but not everyone liked the old-school two tone colour scheme. Now though, texting addicts that grew up on BlackBerry handsets in the 2000s have a new colour on offer: the KeyOne Black Edition naturally gives the whole phone a darker tone, which sharpens up its looks and somehow makes it seem smaller, thinner and just generally slicker all round. Not bad for a lick of paint. The Black Edition also gets 4GB of RAM, instead of the regular KeyOne's 3GB, and double the storage at 64GB. You'll be able to bag one in mid-September, when it goes on sale SIM-free for £549.