SleekStrip is a skinny phone grip that doubles as a stand, and can withstand kilos of extra weight

Get a grip
05 December 2019 / 10:32GMT

You know when you’re using your phone and it slips from your hand and smashes into your face or careens down a ravine? Or in less traumatic times when you want to prop the thing up, but there’s no handy stand nearby? SleekStrip (from £8) solves both problems – and not with a clunky, obstructive slab of plastic. Instead, SleekStrip is skinny (2.9mm) and comprises a piece of flexible metal encased in a silicon sleeve. It sticks to your phone or its case, and two hinges enable the strip to become a hand grip or stand with a push from your thumb. Press its centre and SleekStrip snaps back flat again. It’s strong too – videos on the crowdfunder show it in stand mode, refusing to buckle when 2kg of books are dumped on top of it. Although if you’re storing piles of paper books on your phone, you’ve more problems than just needing a phone stand.