OnePlus returns to its affordable roots with the OnePlus Nord

Near flagship specs for a fraction of the price
21 July 2020 / 15:30BST

If you pay any attention to this website’s smartphone coverage you’ll know that the days of having to pay nearly four figures for state of the art mobile tech are long gone. OnePlus made its name by producing consistently excellent blowers that cost much, much less than their Samsung and Apple-made rivals, but in recent years the brand’s flagships have crept up in price. Old-school OnePlus fans, then, will feel much more at home with the £379 Nord, a sub-flagship OnePlus that (mostly) doesn’t skimp on the specs. It’s got a familiar glass and metal build, a big 6.44in OLED display, 5G and five cameras - the main one being the same 48MP Sony IMX586 sensor as you’ll find in the OnePlus 8. A 4115mAh battery is decent enough, and you choose between 8GB and 12GB RAM. If there’s an obvious downside, it’s the now outdated Snapdragon 765, but for day-to-day use that chip is more than up to the job. Pick one up from August 4.