OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro bring 5G, speedy charging, and pin-sharp displays

All aboard the 5G bandwagon
14 April 2020 / 17:02BST

The techerati love OnePlus. But the real reason to like its phones is they get you gushing geysers of hardware for a polite dribble of cash. This year’s big news is 5G. The OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro both have it. Sure, maybe your town isn’t tooled-up yet but it probably will be before your next phone upgrade. Unless the world ends first. Pro or vanilla? The 8 Pro finally gains it's swimming badge - IP68, so totally pool friendly and you get a slightly larger 6.7in screen with an awesome 120Hz refresh rate, instead of 90Hz. “The best display you will see all year,” says OnePlus. Them’s fighting words. The Pro’s cameras are the biggest upgrade, though. On today’s menu are 48MP sensors for your standard shooter and the ultra-wide plus an 8MP 3x optical zoom. A fourth colour filter cam spits out photos that look like they’ve been through an Instagram filter already. Buy the standard OnePlus 8 and you get slightly lower-end cameras, no zoom and a bargain basement 2MP macro instead of that unusual colour filter. But both have the Snapdragon 865 CPU and a tiny 4mm punch hole in the screen. Adios, OnePlus 7T Pro motorised selfie camera. We’ll miss you.